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Introducing L.E.A.D tutors

Learn, Excel, Achieve, Develop

Find your L.E.A.D, and lead your future.

L.E.A.D tutors are committed to ensuring all students achieve their desired outcomes.

London based private tuition.

Our carefully selected tutors all are highly qualified teachers with impressive university degrees, significant classroom and teaching experience and a strong passion for their subject.

Most of our L.E.A.D tutors have completed the competitive Teach First Leadership Programme and therefore have achieved at the least a 2.1 from a highly regarded university and have had rigorous training and experience in teaching students with diverse academic needs. 

Our L.E.A.D tutors are all either currently teaching or have in the last few years. 

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About us

Our Mission and Our Approach 

Our mission at L.E.A.D tutors is simple: to provide the highest quality teaching to ensure students achieve their personal academic goals and reach their full potential. 

All L.E.A.D tutors believe every child can achieve their academic targets. Our exceptional teachers utilise a range of cognitive learning strategies to ensure your child learns in a way that best suits them. 

We believe that the best teaching comes from teachers who are reflective practitioners and so all our tutors reflect on each lesson to ensure your child is constantly being given personalised lessons. 

L.E.A.D tutors also realise the value of technology and being organised in order to be successful. Therefore, L.E.A.D tutors use google classroom as an interactive online platform with resources that your student can access at any time (inside and outside the lessons). This allows for the most effective form of communication between you child and the tutor and an organised online file with all your child's resources from lessons.

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Our Services

L.E.A.D teachers are experts across a range of academic areas so that we can match your child with a teacher who is best suited to their personal needs and goals.

Sunday School
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After School Lessons

Home Schooling

Extra-Curricular Lessons

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"Natasha's L.E.A.D teacher made lessons engaging, logical and fun. She built up Natasha's confidence and now she is attaining results that are in the top 3 of her class"

Cara, mother of Natasha

Tutoring Session
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"Highly capable, highly engaged to delivering personalised learning. Kai feels more confident in his ability and looks forward to every lesson. This is also reflected in his recent school report showing a significant increase in his attainment"

Aryan, father of Kai

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Please email us at with your name, subject(s) and CV. 

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