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Meeting Your Needs

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Exam Technique

We have a rigorous interview process for all our tutors. This means that all tutors have significant experience in teaching a range of exam specifications at GCSE and A Level so that we can match you with a teacher who has a deep understanding of how to achieve the highest grades in your exam board.

Bespoke Lessons

At L.E.A.D tutors we understand that every child learns differently. All our tutors use cognitive learning strategies to ensure their lessons are tailored to the personal academic needs of your child. This means all lessons are differentiated and that you will be given the chance to speak with your tutor prior to the first lesson so that the tutor can discuss with your any specific learning needs/ areas of focus you want to discuss. This allows the tutor to use their expertise to create personalised lessons.

Additional services (personal statements, entrance exams, widening and deepening knowledge)

We understand that the value of highly skilled teachers extends beyond the curriculum. We have significant experience in helping students with university personal statements and entrance exams. We also are able to create a unique programme tailored to what you are looking for. This could include us creating a programme to extend your child's knowledge on a certain topic/ concept/ interview practice.

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